CrossFit Adelaide

Josh Witham


Josh is the strength coach at Crossfit Adelaide. He’s been doing Crossfit since he was introduced to it by Ben Norman in early 2009, and he’s been a trainer since 2015.

Josh coaches regular classes, and the 6:30 Friday Barbell class for improving strength.  He is also available for personal training, and for designing supplementary training programs for specific movements. Josh loves to analyse movement patterns and find ways to improve them to increase performance and prevent future injury.

Josh’s particular areas of specialisation are Olympic lifting technique, improving base strength and power, and using functional bodybuilding techniques to rebuild the body after injury or competition ‘burnout’.

Favorite lift – Snatch

Favorite workout – DT

Favorite thing about coaching crossfit – seeing people’s confidence in themselves increase as they do new things and achieve new goals.


Josh was pretty inactive in his youth and more likely to be found looking at a screen of some sort. He started boxing as an amateur in 2005 (welterweight, 1-1-0) while living in the United States as a way to meet people. He decided he liked fitness, but getting punched in the head not so much, and started experimenting with different types of strength and conditioning once he got back to Australia.

At the beginning of 2009 he was introduced to Crossfit, and in 2010 started throwing down in competitions. He has competed in the 2010 sectionals and every Open since 2011 of the Crossfit Games. In 2012 he was fortunate enough to compete on the Crossfit Adelaide team at the Australian Regional.

Since 2016 he has been competing in the Masters 40-44 division of the Crossfit Games, and recently snuck into the top 1000 worldwide.

Josh also set new South Australian olympic weightlifting records for the snatch, clean & jerk and olympic total in the Masters 40-44 Under 94kg division at the end of 2016.



  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Fitness Australia Registered Trainer (2015 – current)
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 Coach
  • OPEX Principles of Program Design
  • OPEX Functional Bodybuilding 101
  • Provide First Aid & CPR

Josh is also available for Personal training sessions – contact to discuss session availability

contact or 0421 649 000